About us

Launched in September 2021, the IUCN Academy harnesses IUCN expertise to propose learning journeys to those seeking to make a meaningful contribution to the dynamic world of conservation.

ImageThe purpose of the IUCN Academy is to put nature conservation at the heart of the green transition and to build the capacities of citizens of the world -professionals and postgraduate students alike- eager to make their contribution in the field of nature conservation more efficient and meaningful.

The IUCN Academy is developing its activities around three main priorities:

Sharing IUCN knowledge and expertise

Through its online platform, the IUCN Academy brings together the wealth of IUCN capacity development activities, and offers a catalogue of original courses, including Professional Certificates

Supporting mutual and inclusive learning

IUCN Academy aims at offering its courses globally to all communities and to accelerate the dissemination of knowledge and skills on nature conservation. It will rely on the 60+ IUCN offices around the globe to deliver high quality learning experiences, which cater for local needs, and will encourage the participation of all communities in its programmes to foster mutual learning.

Proposing solutions adapted to the future of work in conservation

IUCN Academy is launching a portfolio of Professional Certificates to tackle the ongoing shift in conservation employment. Those certificates will provide participants with the right knowledge and skills to drive the green transition our societies are calling for. They represent IUCN-certified credentials awarded to those who have successfully completed all course requirements, including individual and group assignments.